Monday, 4 January 2010

Infiltration of the New Decade!

Star date 1001.04. . .

First off, Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great Xmas and can't wait to start the new semester!

Secondly, hats of to Rebellion who successfully won there court battle with the idiots down under to have the new Alien vs Predator game classified. . . . think rebellion deserve a tiny trophy full of something burnt to commemorate this victory.

The one great thing about Xmas time is the amount of material that I seem to gather which inevitably fuels my imagination to 3D model and design new ideas. Seems that 2010 may see my work lose its cartoon feel and try and push into something a little more Sci-fiesque. This will however use the lighting effects that i learned and developed in my first semester to try something new and obscure. . . . what i mean by that i don't know, all i know is that is what my brain is telling me to do.

Recently a friend of mine recommended an animated film i hadn't seen yet which looks very interesting called "Mary and Max". Its art style is a bit like Wallace and Gromit which has been brushed over with Tim Burtons colour palette. Wonder if this could be a future influence. . .

Any way, to end this post as it started,


Live long, and prosper!

(Sorry had to do it, cant have a blog that looks like this without at least one quote every now and then)