Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Lost in space!

Ok so its been a while since i last posted so im hopefully going to throw out a series of smaller blogs to keep up to speed.

After putting the atmosphere scene on hold at about 80% while i do the REVIEW and REPORT (i will be talking about this soon) ive been working on a new project which will show how dynamic lighting and level setups can be used without the need for complex rendering and visual affects, as im planning to do this in one scene and on the same screen at the same time.

Project 2: A Day At The Office.

The scene will be made up primarily of 5 office cubicles. There will be surrounding parts but they are place holders and will not be feturing in the render. The 5 office cubicles will have a different light intensity and feel to each. The main focus of this will be the time of day each of the sections show.


This will be to act as an experiment for my future work, as i am trying to find out if it is possible to use only the tools in Maya to create a dynamic scene.

This project will be presented like my other project and my work from the degree show, they will be printed on an A0 banner with a panoramic effect.

Anyway back to work, not much time left!

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  1. We're down to the wire for sure, keep it up Scott, try posting some of those renders that take at least an hour to finish lol. Make it seem like you're rendering again and again for a reason.