Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Australia; Great holiday destination or A workplace for idiots?

Every once in a while 'Spam' or 'Junk Mail' throws us a little nugget of joy OR accelerates us effortlessly to the edge of our seats. Some people may have read that and thought i have gone insane, your wrong, i was already mad!

For any of you who receive the MCV newsletter, 3 times a day i may add, you may already know what i am about to talk about:

AUS: AVP ban in "public interest"

For those of you who don't know what AVP is, it's Alien vs Predator", and yes its a computer game set for release February of 2010.

I'm going to get straight to point here and just ask, Why?!

The original games were NOT banned and the films were NOT banned. I held back from posting a rant about the Modern Warfare 2 uproar;

which WAS started by parents who seem to think buying an 18+ game for their child is acceptable, and which then gives them the right to complain about its content, I'm sorry but any parent who did buy that game for someone who is 17 years old or less should be liable to some form of police action. Its illegal to buy or sell alcohol/tobacco or films to someone underage, and is a criminal offence so why not games! I'm sorry parents or adults who fall into this category, but YOU ARE RUINING GAMING FOR EVERYONE!

*sigh of relief*, glad that's out of my system.

Anyway, the good old Australien, yes that is how i am spelling it, Attorney General thinks that it is in the public interest to ban this game as it could lead to people "committing horrible acts of violence". Now I'm not going to go all out and say this statement is crazy as there could well be sociological and psychological backing for this, but what really got me was how His argument contradicted itself several times. He happily said that there is a small opposition against the banning of the game, but given time I'm sure that WILL increase, but the how he can base banning a game on the forecast that "1% of gamers will go onto commit crimes" due to this game is laughable.

Today's economic climate for gaming is holding strong compared to a lot of business and trade areas, but with all the bad press the games industry is receiving lately i wonder how long it can hold on? I mean its ridiculous to make decisions like this due to the extreme minority.

I mean, It would be like banning boomerangs because they could be used as a weapon. . . oh wait. . . .

If people are so mentally unstable that they instantly think to go out and commit acts of violence due to games, other steps should be taken to stop them from acquiring the material, god forbid if someones parents say no to their child!

All i can say is thank you Rebellion for releasing this statement:

“We will not be releasing a sanitized or cut down version for territories where adults are not considered by their governments to be able to make their own entertainment choices.”

Anyway, had to get that out of my system! But for strange reason after reading and talking about AVP i have got the urge to go out, hijack a spaceship and kill aliens. . . . .

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Lost in space!

Ok so its been a while since i last posted so im hopefully going to throw out a series of smaller blogs to keep up to speed.

After putting the atmosphere scene on hold at about 80% while i do the REVIEW and REPORT (i will be talking about this soon) ive been working on a new project which will show how dynamic lighting and level setups can be used without the need for complex rendering and visual affects, as im planning to do this in one scene and on the same screen at the same time.

Project 2: A Day At The Office.

The scene will be made up primarily of 5 office cubicles. There will be surrounding parts but they are place holders and will not be feturing in the render. The 5 office cubicles will have a different light intensity and feel to each. The main focus of this will be the time of day each of the sections show.


This will be to act as an experiment for my future work, as i am trying to find out if it is possible to use only the tools in Maya to create a dynamic scene.

This project will be presented like my other project and my work from the degree show, they will be printed on an A0 banner with a panoramic effect.

Anyway back to work, not much time left!