Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mission I - Character Design!

Well it didn't take long for our first assignment to creep up on us! It was a relatively easy task, Create and design a character which carried a story and/or message.

So, being a big fan of Pixar and Dreamworks i decided to create a story which would fit well into one of their film styles.

My Project: The Recyclones!

The Recyclones are an alien race who rely on rubbish and junk to convert into an energy source. So when they come to earth in search of energy, where will their junk collection end?

The answer is they wont! They will gather anything which will fit into their vacuums!


  1. Scott, I'd like to double your entendre. lol. Lovely little image dude, as usual you have created a very simple but instantly memorable/likable design. Reminds me of Marvin V2 from Hitch Hikers guide, in the good way. Just mind stepping on Wall Es toes/tracks with your trash collection shtick.

    Also, the villain should be called the Trash Can Bandit. That is all.

  2. Hi Scott,
    inspiring little character.
    I'd like to see some sort of clip attaching his gun to his forearm and bigger feet to give him more of a solid base for when you print him in 3d.
    He's a topical character for the present climate of sustainability and could be used in education as a means of making kids more aware of recycling, although I guess that's the point you're making already ;-)