Friday, 2 October 2009

The Voyage Begins . . .

So here it is, the first post of my Blog, and the beginning of my life on the MA Games Design course.

So let me start by saying Welcome to Captain's Log. My name is Scott Taylor and i am a returning student to UCLAN (The University of Central Lancashire for those who don't attend there) after completing my degree in Games Design. I started thinking about the Masters course towards the second half of my final degree year and by the end of the year i was certain i was going to take the course. . . As long as my tutors hadn't had enough of me!

Thankfully they hadn't!

So, what is my Blog about? Well my blog is suppose to be a kind of diary which makes up part of the MA course, and is designed to help me document my work progress and problems over the next year or so. I look forward to all comments which will help me improve my work and improve my idea process.

That's really everything i can think of for now, but i will start posting frequently soon as work is going to be flying at me for all directions!

Bye for now!

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  1. Good luck Scott, hopefully I can offer some useful insight when things get rolling. Just power through these first few weeks and get to the good stuff!